World On wheels : Ride in Lockdown by Aswini Pati

Corona(COVID-19) outbreaks have arisen a pandemic situation all over the world, which as a result have created a fear in everyone’s heart. We have forgotten the way we used to live and we used to live our life to the fullest.

People are staying in their homes and there may be quite a few situations when they have to go out and carry on their day to day work.

So , sitting idle at their homes , people have been watching web series, movies and of course YouTube videos but someday the web series will end , the movies getting watched a hundred times will get tedious, but youtube videos won’t end.

Youtube have become the ultimate platform for people to spend their whole day watching exciting and breathtaking videos.

A biker from Odisha, Nuapada, Aswini Pati, has dedicated himself to show the viewers his journey in the virtual world of YouTube, a new way of living life in this lockdown and after lockdown.

His Youtube Channel:   World On wheels – Youtube Channel

He rides a Royal enfield 350 classic, he rides for the passion ,to explore, the world on wheels.”
He has named his youtube channel “World on Wheels”

So, on August 2nd his first VLOG “Ride in Lockdown” was uploaded on YouTube.Gradually after 1 month weekly episodes have been uploaded consistently, describing the scenic beauty of the location , the route , their journey, the video was quite awesome for a beginner to shoot, edit and upload.

What does he do ?

He tells stories, shares information about the people ,culture, route and destination.

Let’s hear something from him ;

” I am a serious motorcycle enthusiast , I share a serious loyalty towards Royal Enfield machines.I am a wanderer, a traveller , an explorer, and a motovlogger.The most exciting thing about motovlogging is that one can virtually take lakhs of people on a ride, letting them enjoy the soulful journey.

When asked; ‘What equipment do you use for your vlogging and carry with you on your trip ?’

He replied;

” Basically , when you ride , and shoot at the same time , cams like
Go pro Hero 7 and SJ Legend go pro cam are very effective.
For cinematic and capturing the scenic beauty I use Canon EOS 200 D mark II with 18-55 mm lens and 55-250mm lens ..
Digitek tripod , and DJI ronin SC PRO gimbal,Boya Mic can be used.

Safety is must , Riding gears like Royal enfield Jacket and Boots , Vega Helmet with enabled Philips Intercom communication while riding are very helpful.

He is a banker, a financial advisor, an affiliate marketer, and a rider.
When I asked him ,being multiple jobs, managing time might be difficult ?

Aswini says :

” Yup , it is ! sometimes, but my passion for riding , vlogging and love from my viewers have energized me for upcoming trips. I will ride and explore places ,and will make people enjoy this exciting journey of mine.”

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