Pay Re 1 and tender apology: Sachin Pilot sends a legal notice to Cong MLA over his Rs 35 crore bribery allegation

Sachin Pilot, accused of conspiring horse-trading on behalf of the Bhartiya Janta Party to topple the Rajasthan’s Ashok Gehlot government, served a legal notice on Congress MLA Giriraj Singh Malinga for claiming that the former Rajasthan Deputy CM had offered him Rs 35 crore to switch to the BJP.

As on Monday, Giriraj Singh said that he was offered money to switch allegiance to the BJP. However, Pilot has denied the allegation and sought Re 1 and a written apology from the MLA.

Pilot further said this was an attempt in order to undermine his reputation and take the focus away from the substantive issue he has raised against the state’s party leadership.

Rajasthan CM Gehlot has been insisting that Sachin Pilot is “hand in glove” with the BJP and has been trying to pull down his government.

It is important to note that Pilot and 18 other rebel Congress MLAs are currently in Haryana.

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