Good News from Modi Government! New rules notified for advance increments of these employees

Amid the COVID-19 gloom, there is a piece of good news! The central government has notified new rules to regulate advance increment(s) to stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m (words per minute).

According to the new rules, the stenographer recruited on the basis of speed test in the shorthand at 80 wpm, on qualifying the test at 100 wpm, would be granted one advance increment.

He/she will be provided one more advance increment on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 120 words per minute while in service.

Sources said the speed tests would be organized by properly constituted authorities including departmental authorities.

The advance increments will be granted from the date of passing the test.

The speed test-based advance increments will not be absorbed in future increments.

Also, the date of next increment after the grant of these advance increments will remain the same, the office memorandum said.

The advance increment amount will be treated as a separate element in addition to the basic pay and it would be counted as pay for all purposes, it said.

Earlier, the central government on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission has decided to implement Night Duty Allowance (NDA) for its employees who perform night duty.

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